Saturday, January 6, 2018

Heal your life - Sadhana Waiker

💕 *Free session on Heal your Life Workshop*

We cordially invite you to experience Louise Hay philosophy through a very well known programme *HEAL YOUR LIFE WORKSHOP*

If you are reading this then believe in Miracle as this *free* session can bring great transformation in your life. Millions of people have experienced change through Louise philosophy. Come and grab the opportunity.

*Take away from the workshop is*

*Creating life the way you want !*

Life is unpredictable with lots of surprises (good and bad ) but still you have a choice to take in charge of your life and create life as you want.

(~"The 3 C's in life Choice, change chance : you must make Choices, to take Chance, if you want anything in life to change" ~)

So come in starting of your new year and create blue print of life for 2018. Learn how to let go and how to invite good in life, bringing joy, peace, love, abundance in life.

Create space for new life you want by excluding what is not require, by attending this free workshop.

So there will be Lecture, meditation some great sharing from people who have got breakthrough with the help of You can heal your life workshop and many more.

Thank You

Facilitator *Mrs. Sadhana Waikar*

Date : 7 Jan 2018

Time : 4pm to 6pm
Venue : Pathare Kshatriya Sahayak Mandal, Near Gaondevi Maidan, Opp TMT bus Stop, Gokhale Road, Thane West 400602
Energy exchange: *FREE*

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Healing Inner child - part 1

Just felt to share some good thought, and it's all about inner child work I am enjoying now a days.
Inner Child : when I first heard the word a year back, I was not aware that I will enjoy this so much so that I will write this article. To the people who are hearing this word first time it's a child that is within everyone you me or anyone.  I use to always hear that "har insan mein baccha hota hai" but never took so seriously but it's a deep and proven concept (one can Google and find the proof of the same).  Inner child can be a child a sec old, min old, hour month or year old.
 The reason I am writing this that just want to share some beautiful experiences, but before that it's important to understand role play of the same in our life. We all have selected our life, life plan purpose but once we are in human form we tend to get distracted and then the drama begins where we face problems dealing with our emotions (hate, jealousy, revenge, depression etc )   and we start operating from our emotions and fall into vicious circle of self created pattern. For example.  Many time we feel or go through same problem over and over again and we don't understand why we go through it, reason being impressions of different emotions that forms layers and becomes our cellular memory, high chances of manifesting same situation again.

 The solution to work of problems is to start with inner child work.

In next part I will discus some steps to connect to our inner child.
Love light

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tarot and Angel card for the day 14th Oct!

Ace of wand and Angel card Sorceress

Go for it -- Your ideas are excellent, Seeds now sown will give you good results in long term Even Angels are assuring that your clear and true intentions will help you manifest your project. Ace of wands is all about begging of new project, ensuring results in your favour. If you are not clear about the idea do not worry keep working on it soon you will get the break through.
Tarot card Rider-Waite tarot deck and Angel card Doreen Virtue Guidance by Goddess.
 — at Tarot Reader Payal.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tarot and Angel message for 11 & 12 Oct !

Today's message is about being creative, enjoy what you are doing give 100 percent, don't just be
Tarot card Creativity and angel card Lakshmi
economical about your creative side, Do it from heart it will make you closer to your higher self. Search for your inner talent, and give some me time to it. If you are already in creative field and still struggling then angels wants to assure you that stop worrying, they will take care of your future. Just enhance your skills and be meditative about your work.

Tarot card by Osho Zen Tarot and Angel card by Doreen VirtueDeck Guidance by Goddess.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tarot and Angel message for 7 Oct. !

You have been working too hard from some time, Steal some time for yourself and enjoy ME time. Have
Seven of Swords and Angel card Play
more playful approach towards situations you are trying to deal with. Your lifted energies will help 
you get fresh start to everything you are trying to do. Be yourself, original and pure from heart you will see all situation will become easy and you will become stronger.

Angel card by Doreen Virtue Daily guidance by Angels and Tarot card from #Rider Waite.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tarot and Angel Message for the day 2 Oct !

Tarot card Seven of Wands and Angel card Meditate.

Message is all about how you are approaching and moving in your life. Are you facing some challenges ? Do you find every thing do, like a big task ? Are you trying to balance many things / situations, Still not able to ? Answer to all questions is Meditate ( Getting this message quite lately for my personal reading as well ). Mediation can help you face and balance everything. You need Inner peace and balance.
You will be facing some good or bad situation everyday, for that its necessary that you bring calmness inside you.
Try you wont be disappointed.
Let me know in how you feel when you meditate ? Please do comment you may inspire someone to start same !

Angel card from Ascendant Masters by Doreen Virtue and Tarot Card Rider Waite.