Friday, July 27, 2012

Tarot Card of The day :: Six of wands

Six of wands : tarot card
Tarot Card of the Day :: Six of Wands :: 

When the Six of Wands appears, enjoy your triumph, feel good about yourself, but remember Dante's words: 

The Six of Wands also represents a healthy self-esteem. Feeling good about your accomplishments is an important part of success, but too much pride can lead to arrogance and self-inflation. When you see this card, check that you are not feeling superior to others. It is easy to forget that individual achievement is not really individual at all. Our talents begin in the Divine, develop with the love and support of others, and only in the end express through us. How can we indulge in excess pride? 

O gifted men, vainglorious for first place, 
how short a time the laurel crown stays green 
A breath of wind is all there is to fame 
here upon earth: it blows this way and that, 
and when it changes quarter it changes name.

REINFORCING CARDS: Some Possibilities
  • Chariot - triumph, self-confidence
  • Sun - acclaim, prominence
  • Nine of Cups - self-satisfaction, achieving what you want