Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tarot / Angel message for people celebrating birthday on 29th Aug.

If you are born on 29th Aug. Below is your yearly prediction.

Happy Birthday !!!

This year there is some good news coming from foreign country; it can be new project / Job / marriage proposal etc. which you were waiting from long time.

There is some health issue indicated in the Cards thus take care, specially related to blood and heart. Also you may be betrayed by some old friend thus don’t divulge all your secrets to him.

On home front there is some good news for those who want to shift their house or looking for a life partner: you may find this year. There will be some celebration this year.

Those who are worried about their slow progress need not worry this year you will be getting good opportunities to progress.

Try to control your rude behavior as it may hamper your relations, also there are some restrictions which you want to come out of but will feel helpless. But don’t  worry trust your skills and abilities and try and specialize in the field so that it can provide you a lucrative career in future.

Some female lady needs your attention so take care of her emotions.

Angel Card message: Angel goddess this year is HATHOR : Be more famine energy. Healing is occurring. Child conception, pregnancy, or birth, including adoption or favorable custody arrangements are issue in your life. Release guilt about receiving. Ask for help.