Saturday, June 22, 2013

Angel card Breathe !

Angel Card Breathe
Angel Card Breathe !

The angel suggests that take deep breathe to get your energy back, breathing exercise will also help you to balance many things in your life, it will help you to take better decision with proper balance. Release your old pattern of working and make room for new. Angels remind us that what we inhale has to be exhale so don't hold your emotions or situation just trust your inner guidance and that can be develop only with awaken energies.

Breathe is also related to meditation which can help any one to get attain calmness and bring peace in life with better choices.

Seven of Cups
If i relate this card to tarot card i have drawn (Seven of cups), Then it says that you need to concentrate on your priorities and balance at the same time, that can be gain through breathing properly.
Indulge in regular exercise of breathing, can also go for Yoga which will help you in many ways.

Angel card Archangel Oracle card by Doreen Virtue.