Friday, June 21, 2013

Angel card Moving Forward Fearlessly !

Angel Card Moving forward Fearlessly !

Angels wants you to remind you that do not be afraid of the things you want to do. just affirm  yourself and move without any fear and doubts. trust angels as they are walking beside you in every
manner. They will guide you to take steps in every way. You are on correct way.

If i want to relate this card to the Tarot card I have picked  today (
Four of Wands ) it says that do not have doubts of taking your relation to next level, move forward fearlessly as you will be guided by angels to have strong bond with your partner and people involved in the relationship.
Those who wants to bring changes in their home, this card shows that without doubt it will bring positivity and happiness from all directions.

Angel Card healing with Fairies by Doreen Virtue