Monday, July 15, 2013

Message by Tarot and Angels for 15 July 2013 !

Osho Zen Tarot Card Suppression and Angel Card Be Honest with your Self. 
Message by Tarot and Angels for 15 July 2013 !

You are going through some tough situation, feeling of Suppress and tied up. Not able to move and think out of the box. There is light with in you just realise it, no one from out side can help you. 

Angel message is that you are going through this because of your own reasons and situations you have created for yourself. " Be honest your self" and you will realise how to tackle the situation. Read out loud enough the message mention on the card to get your energies realise what you need to do. 

Open your arms and let all positive energies come to you. 

Tarot card by Osho Zen and Angel card is Daily guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.