Monday, September 16, 2013

Angel and tarot message for 16/9/13 !

Ace of Pentacles and Kick up your heels

Ace of pentacles and Kick up your heels Card message for 19 Sep 2013

After a long time there is good deals happening, New business ideas will bring monetary gains. Promotions are on the way, investments will bring good results. Thus Kick up your heels and get ready for all, start working on your finances, positive returns are on its way. Plan a party or get to gather with friends and family to enjoy this moment. Show your gratitude to all and you will see all things coming in your life in abundance.

Additionally Aces in a Row ...( Saturday it was Ace of wands and positive expectations) brings all new beginning and good news. 

Angel card Healing with Fairies and tarot card Rider waite