Thursday, September 19, 2013

Angel and Tarot message for 19 Sep !

Tarot card Judgement and Angel card Leap of Faith 

Today's message, its all about spiritual development knowing your true self, getting connected with your self. Accept your true self and get connected to your Divine. You will see that things are changing for better. 
As today is Full Moon ( Purnima ), its a day for meditation and knowing your inner soul. Angels are helping you to have that faith in HIM "Take a risk, and put your heart's desire into action" This message is not only for spiritual development its also about how your faith can help you to get what you desire. Why settle for less, you deserve all good. Do consider the fact that only material gain is the reason of you being on this earth or is there any soul purpose ? 

Judgement tarot card and Angel card " AINE - Leap of Faith "

Have a great day.

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