Saturday, August 15, 2015

Healing Inner child - part 1

Just felt to share some good thought, and it's all about inner child work I am enjoying now a days.
Inner Child : when I first heard the word a year back, I was not aware that I will enjoy this so much so that I will write this article. To the people who are hearing this word first time it's a child that is within everyone you me or anyone.  I use to always hear that "har insan mein baccha hota hai" but never took so seriously but it's a deep and proven concept (one can Google and find the proof of the same).  Inner child can be a child a sec old, min old, hour month or year old.
 The reason I am writing this that just want to share some beautiful experiences, but before that it's important to understand role play of the same in our life. We all have selected our life, life plan purpose but once we are in human form we tend to get distracted and then the drama begins where we face problems dealing with our emotions (hate, jealousy, revenge, depression etc )   and we start operating from our emotions and fall into vicious circle of self created pattern. For example.  Many time we feel or go through same problem over and over again and we don't understand why we go through it, reason being impressions of different emotions that forms layers and becomes our cellular memory, high chances of manifesting same situation again.

 The solution to work of problems is to start with inner child work.

In next part I will discus some steps to connect to our inner child.
Love light